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General Agreement


Eligibility Requirements

  1. OCC students interested in matriculating to JCSU through the Direct Admission Program must first complete the program inquiry form, which will be housed on OCC’s website, along with JCSU’s.
  2. Students must complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science program at OCC in the semester immediately preceding their desired entry term at JCSU.
  3. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in their college coursework to be granted admission to JCSU as part of this agreement.
  4. Each student who remains eligible during their time at OCC and successfully submits the application to JCSU will receive at least $8,000 in aid to attend JCSU. To be eligible, students need to enroll in a full-time course load.
  5. Students must remain in good standing (academic and otherwise) with OCC.

Credit Evaluations

In order to ensure that students in the program continue meet the minimum GPA requirements, the JCSU Admissions Office, in partnership with the Registrar’s office, will provide periodic credit evaluations:

  • The first will happen after the completion of the student’s first two semesters at OCC
  • The second evaluation will occur at the completion of the student’s third semester at OCC
  • The final review will be during the application process and completed fully before the student completes their initial advising appointment with JCSU before enrolling

General Guidelines

  1. Students must meet all the admissions requirements of the agreement for JCSU, including completion of the application, submission of official transcripts from all institutions attended, and a written personal statement.
  2. Except with respect to the articulation protocol established in this Agreement, OCC students must comply with and will be bound by the standards, policies, guidelines and regulations of JCSU in effect at the time of their application for admission to JCSU and during their enrollment at the same. 
  3. By entering into this contract, JCSU agrees to provide OCC comprehensive historical enrollment and student success data for all former OCC graduates entering JCSU through the Direct Admission Program once each year, no later than July 1 of each year.
  4. Students must observe and acknowledge the JCSU Honor Code
  5. Students will receive transfer credit for courses taken at OCC according to the equivalency list.  To receive credit for a course, a student must have earned a “C” or better. A status of incomplete (“I”) or Pass (“P”) will not be considered for transfer.
  6. Students must meet the residency and graduation requirements of OCC according to their catalog of entry.

Scholarships for Transfer Students

2+2 JCSU Connect
● $8,000 renewable scholarship
● 3.0 GPA
● Two career service workshops
● One experiential learning opportunity prior
to 2nd year
● Continuous enrollment at JCSU 2
consecutive years


Transfer Trailblazers:
● Associate's Degree not required
● Can attend a school w/o Articulation
● 3.5-4.0 GPA for $2,000 per semester
● 3.0-3.499 for $1,500 per semester


JCSU Connect:
● Must have an Associate's Degree
● Attend a school with an Articulation
● 3.5-4.0 GPA for $4,000 per semester
● 3.0-3.499 for $2,500 per semester