Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Student Resource Page

Information for your Journey at OCC 

OCC is proud to support our transgender & gender nonconforming students, employees, and members of our community. This page compiles all of the resources on campus for students, including our chosen name policy, gender-inclusive restrooms & housing, and contact information for members of our community who can be reached for assistance with support while you're an OCC student here. As a campus, we know we are growing and evolving to meet the needs of our transgender & gender nonconforming community and encourage you to reach out to our support team if you have any concerns.

Chosen Name & Pronouns 

Chosen names and pronouns are observed at OCC. By going through the below process, your chosen name will be observed in all technology systems (Blackboard, Lazer Success, etc.) and in the classroom. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the Helpdesk at 315-498-2999 or

Here's how: 

  1. Login to MyOCC
  2. Go to User Profile. This can be found by clicking on the username in the top right corner of a screen. 
  3. Click on the Edit Personal Identity button 
  4. Enter your chosen name and/or pronoun
  5. Hit Save 

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Gender-inclusive restrooms are located the SRC Arena, Coulter Hall, Coyne Hall, Ferrante Hall, Mawhinney Hall, the Service and Maintenance Building & the Whitney Applied Technology Center. The restrooms are marked using the same signs as on the map above. 

Gender-Inclusive Housing 

Res Hall A Exterior

Gender-inclusive housing is an open community that allows students and allies of all gender identities to reside in a community together where they can learn and support each other around the topics of inclusion and LGBTQ+ issues. Students can request a roommate or will be automatically matched with other students who requested to live in gender-inclusive housing. Students of transgender and gender nonconforming backgrounds can also opt not to live in gender-inclusive housing if they do not wish. 

Apply for Gender-Inclusive Housing on Your Res Hall App

Already applied? 

Contact the office of res life at 315-498-2351 or


Transgender & gender nonconforming students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in athletics at OCC! To inquire about playing on a sports team, contact Mike Borsz, Director of Athletics at

Spectrum (The LGBTQIA Club)

Spectrum is a club that celebrates and focuses on LGBTQIA issues.  Students who are interested in joining the club should contact Shawn Edie at 315-498-2762 or

Student Concerns/Comments

We know that we are growing as a campus community to meet the needs of our transgender & gender nonconforming students. If you have thoughts, ideas, comments, or concerns, we encourage students to bring those forward. 


Scott Schuhert, DBH
Dean of Students 
Onondaga Community College 
(315) 498-2119 

OCC Statement on Equity

At Onondaga Community College, equity permeates all we do. We believe everyone should have access to higher education and be treated equitably and fairly as a member of our community. Our institution recognizes the structural barriers and histories of systemic discrimination that have limited opportunities for marginalized, underrepresented, and underserved groups. We are invested in addressing the imbalances of power that contribute to patterns of exclusion and disparities in access to education, retention, and completion.  

Our commitment to equity entails routinely assessing the fairness of our institutional policies, practices, and culture, and implementing data-driven improvement plans. We are dedicated to informing our community when inequities manifest at our institution and in the broader society. Through ongoing dialogue and critical reflection, we will continue to identify and ameliorate gaps in equity consciousness on our campus and cultivate an inclusive environment that facilitates every individual's self-actualization and success. It is our priority to ensure our students and employees receive access to the resources they need to thrive and achieve their goals. We remain steadfast as an ally in the pursuit of justice and meaningful change. With our efforts to advance educational opportunities and equitable outcomes for all, we collectively affirm equity as not only an institutional value, but our promise.