Steps to Updating Your Phone Number

Follow the step by step instructions below in order to update your contact information in our system: 

  1. Visit 
  2. Click on WebAdvisor at the top of the page and login (Need help logging in? Call the Helpdesk at 315-498-2999) 
    • WebAdvisor
  3. Click on the blue students tab on the right side of the page 
    • Screenshot of the homepage for Webadvisor after login. Blue student tab is highlighted with an arrow pointing to it.
  4. Under User Account, select "Address and Phone Number Change Request" 
    • Student's Webadvisor Homepage. The Link for Address and Phone Number Change Request is circled in red and a black arrow is pointing to it. This item is located under user account.
  5. Update your contact information in the appropriate fields and remember to hit Submit) 
    • Address and Phone Number Change Request Page. Circled in red is the submit button with a black arrow pointing to it.

You now should be set up to receive texts from the college through our emergency system. If you encounter any issues as you're doing this, please contact the Helpdesk at 315-498-2999.