COVID-19 Supplemental Plan

If the college meets the Governor’s threshold of 100 cases within a 2 week period, the following changes will be made to operations:


  1. All courses not currently delivered remotely would move to a “real-time remote” modality.  Any exceptions for clinical/practical instruction would need specific permission from the Provost to continue with any face-to-face/hyflex modality.
  2. Academic and student services would remain open but would move to an appointment basis and occupancy would be further reduced to 30% capacity. 
  3. Students needing laptops or hotspots would be directed to the library to our loaner program. 

Residence Life

  1. All residence life operation revert to onboarding status with students limited to their individual halls and meals delivered to the quad for pick up.
  2. Any programming would be delivered virtually.
  3. Students testing positive would quarantine in Shapero.  Students with possible exposure would isolate in Shapero (different floors) unless the number of ill students makes Shapero quarantine only.  In this unlikely event, students with possible exposure would isolate in their rooms.
  4. Additional screening pooled saliva tests would be administered.
  5. Residence life staff would continue to work unless they were ill.

Campus Employees

  • Faculty would work remotely.
  • Administrators and Staff would be offered a pooled saliva test and would remain at home until results were known. Staff testing negative would return to work.  Essential personnel would be tested first.


Facilities would be fully cleaned under the protocol established when a case of COVID-19 is confirmed.