Early OCC

How it works

High school students over the age of 16 in partner school districts have the opportunity to take OCC courses, on campus, during their regular school day. Students receive a tuition waiver and are only required to pay for their books and associated course fees. Through the Early OCC program, students are able to begin earning college credits on a pathway toward their desired degree program. 

Questions on how to participate in the Early OCC program? Contact your high school guidance counselor.

Additional Contacts:
Early College High School Coordinator: Hailey Warren, Assistant Director of Early College Pathways, h.warren@sunyocc.edu 
Early OCC: Flagan Prince, Director of Concurrent Enrollment, f.m.prince@sunyocc.edu

Who is eligible

We're proud to partner with the following school districts for the Early OCC program:

For Parents & Guardians

If you are struggling to sign our electronic application, print this form, fill it out, scan it, and send it our way. 

Enrollment for Minors form

If your student would like to apply to the program, please contact your high school's guidance counselor. 


No, the bill you see in the myOCC account after you register is the full bill for the semester. That bill has not yet been adjusted with a tuition waiver for your participation in the Early OCC Program. This adjustment is done manually and usually completed around the midpoint of the semester by OCC's Student Accounts office. You as a student are responsible for the technology fee, lab fees, and box of books payment. Some high schools do cover the books. You will not pay a bill until you receive a paper bill either in the mail or directly from your high school.

Tuition is waived for students in the Early OCC program. Students are responsible for the Box of Books fee which is $21.00 per credit hour. There are some high schools that do cover the book fee so please check with your high school to determine if this will be on your bill or if your high school will cover the book fee. Other fees include technology fee for $18.00 per credit hour, and a lab fee of $21.00 per lab course.

All students are automatically opted into the Box of Books program at OCC. The Box of Books program provides book rentals to students for a greatly reduced price of $21.00 per credit hour. All high schools have chosen to opt into this program. If you are required to pay this fee, you will receive a paper bill in the mail or distributed by your high school prior to the end of the semester. Books must be returned to the college at the end of each semester or your account will be charged for the full book price.

You can pick your books up in Mawhinney Hall on OCC's campus at the on-campus bookstore. 

If you have questions related to the OCC campus, resources, schedules, etc. you can head to the Early College High School office in the Whitney building, W317.

If you have questions or concerns related to a specific class, you need to see your teacher first and foremost. Your guidance counselor at your high school will also be supporting you through the Early OCC program and you should be in consistent communication with your counselor throughout the school year.

To make any changes, students can log in to myOCC at any time and search for new courses, sections, or adjust their schedules. All Early OCC students should speak with their high school guidance counselor before making any schedule changes.

Please use the academic calendar

You will also receive the Early OCC program calendar through email which outlines important add/drop dates, start and end dates, and holidays. Please note that this are different than the high school calendar and you are required to be in your OCC courses even when high school courses are not running, or the high school is on vacation.


Lazer cards can be picked up at the Lazer Card Office in Student Central located in the Gordon Student Center. View the information related to your Lazer Card