Honors College

The Lillian Slutzker Honors College at Onondaga provides high-achieving students with an intellectually stimulating and challenging academic experience. Students in the Honors Program will have the opportunity to take specially designed Honors classes in a variety of disciplines.



The Lillian Slutzker Honors College offers:

  • Exclusive access to small, Honors-designated course sections taught by instructors with a reputation for teaching excellence
  • Keycard access to the Honors College/Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Suite (a space for studying and socializing, the Honors/PTK faculty offices, and access to computers and a printer).
  • Honors designation on the transcript upon designation and degree completion
  • Cultural events such as plays, concerts, and scholarly lectures
  • Assistance with academic planning, course planning, and transfer preparation
Students in the Honors College will also have the opportunity to apply for a limited number of renewable OCC book stipends to cover $300 in books and/or classroom-related fees each semester. Students who receive these stipends are required to complete an Honors class or Honors Contract every semester.


How to Apply

Current Student Applicants

Matriculated students who have earned 12 or more credits and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher must complete the following:

Online current student application 

Incoming Applicants

Incoming applicants from High school or a transfer institution must submit the following directly to the Honors College:

Online incoming student application

  • High School students submit a high school transcript indicating a 90 or higher average.
  • Transfer students submit a transcript from their last institution with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Two letters of recommendation from instructors/teachers familiar with your academic work.
Incoming first-year students, please have your guidance counselor submit transcript and letters of recommendation to the Honors College email, or by fax to (315) 498-2459.

Guidance counselors using encryption software to send transcripts send to Jacqueline Barstow.


  • Cumulative GPA must remain 3.25 or higher once accepted to remain in good standing and earn a designation. 
  • Students must take at least 1 honors class or complete 1 contract each fall-spring academic year to remain active in the Honors College. Note that students generally need to take more than this to complete a designation.
  • Students must complete 12 credits of honors work with grades of B or better in any combination of honors classes and honors contracts as well as complete a degree or certificate to earn the designation.
  • There is no penalty for taking Honors classes and not completing the designation, and the classes and contracts will still be noted as Honors on the transcript.

Honors classes are special sections offered to students who are part of the Honors College. Acceptance grants a student the eligibility needed to register for the special sections. These are not designed to be more difficult than regular sections. The difference is how students in honors classes engage with the material, the instructor, and each other.

Honors sections cap at 15 students and are interactive, with discussion and increased use of primary source material. Honors classes provide students with the opportunity to explore core subjects in interesting ways and foster a shared intellectual experience with other students and faculty. 

Students may earn Honors credit in any combination of classes and contracts. If a student can complete Honors requirements in classes only, a contract is not required. An honors contract gives students the opportunity to create an Honors experience in a class that is not a designated honors section.

  • The contract is an agreement between the student and class instructor, and the process is facilitated by the honors coordinator.
  • To earn honors contract credit, a student must complete a minimum of 15 hours of work in addition to the required class work. ? Students interested in completing a contract are required to meet with the honors coordinator to discuss options at the beginning of the contract semester.
  • Contract paperwork is due back to the honors coordinator at the end of week 5 each semester.
  • Contract work should allow student to study a class-related topic in greater depth. Honors contract work should be in addition to (not an extension of) regular course requirements.
  • Students working on an Honors Contract are required to meet with the instructor at least three times outside of the regular class time to receive mentoring and academic supervision. Meetings can be face-to-face, online, or by phone. 
  • The contracted course must be completed with a grade of B or better to receive honors credit for the course. The contract must be completed during the semester in which the credit is earned.


Examples of recent honors sections include:

ANT152H: Honors Cultural Anthropology

HON101: Honors Humanities I (May fulfill LBL requirement)

BIO131H: Honors General Ecology (with Honors lab)

HON200: Honors Second Year Experience

COM210H: Honors Public Speaking

HON201: Honors Humanities II (May fulfill LBL requirement)

ENG224H: Honors American Literature II

PHI108H: Honors Ethics

ENG233H: Honors Shakespeare

PSY103H: Honors Introduction to Psychology

HIS102H: Honors World History II

SOC103H: Honors Introduction to Sociology

HIS107H: Honors Modern American History




Call: (315) 498-2490   |   Email: honors@sunyocc.edu