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The Learning Center provides FREE online and in-person tutoring, academic support, and a quiet and friendly atmosphere to work on your assignments! STAR-NY is also available for tutoring in the evenings from 7:00pm–12:00am (Sunday - Thursday).

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The Learning Center - Tutoring Session with student

Tutoring Subject Areas

For the Summer 2023, semester, we have tutors available in the subject areas below.  Schedule a one-on-one tutoring session at any time, simply Make an Appointment or call us to schedule, 315-498-2103.   If your course is not listed below, you can request a tutor.

  • BIO 121
  • BIO 151
  • BIO 171
  • BIO 172
  • BIO 205
  • BUS 105
  • BUS 106
  • CHE 121
  • CHE 151
  • CHE 171
  • COM 100
  • COM 210
  • COM 220
  • COM 282
  • CRW 103
  • ENG 103
  • ENG 104
  • ENG 222
  • ENG 259
  • HIT 120
  • MAT 113
  • MAT 114
  • MAT 115
  • MAT 118
  • MAT 143
  • MAT 151
  • MAT 161
  • MAT 162
  • MAT 241
  • MAT 251
  • MAT 263
  • MAT 264
  • PHI 107
  • PHY 103
  • PHY 104
  • PHY 105
  • PHY 205
  • Writing Assignments
  • D2L Brightspace Support
  • Microsoft Word Support
  • Microsoft Excel Support
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Support
  • TEAS Math Support
  • TEAS Reading Support
  • TEAS Science Support
  • TEAS Writing Support

Drop-In Tutoring

For our high volume tutoring subjects, we offer drop-in tutoring sessions (no appointment necessary).  Students may come as often as they'd like to our drop-in sessions.  Tutors will be available during these hours to answer questions and provide academic support in the subject area.

These are group sessions.  If you need further assistance, please schedule an appointment with a tutor.

  • DROP-IN MATH HELP:  2:00-6:00 pm every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (beginning June 12), in the Learning Center, G202.

We now offer after-hours tutoring!

Summer 2023 STAR-NY will have math and writing tutors only.

Through a unique collaboration with other SUNY schools, you'll be able to receive the extra help outside of the classroom beyond our typical Learning Center operating hours. You'll be sent to the STAR-NY site which will connect you with a tutor. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to the STAR-NY tutoring site
  2. Log in with your OCC credentials
  3. Get academic help!
STAR-NY is open in the evenings:  7pm - 12am (Sunday-Thursday).

Classroom Workshops

Workshops are offered throughout the semester on a variety of study and academic skills topics.  Faculty can request a 30-minute mini workshop for their class on any of the above topics.  Faculty should complete this simple request form to request a classroom visit. Common topics include:

  • Learning Center Overview
  • Time Management
  • Note Taking
  • Stress Management
  • Test Taking
  • Textbook Reading
  • How To Study

Role of the Tutor

The main function of the tutor is to help students improve their academic performance.  Tutors help students understand key concepts in their coursework during individual or group tutoring sessions. An important role of the tutor is to help the student attain self-confidence by providing positive feedback, encouragement, and helpful tools to attain success in the course.  Tutors do not provide answers, they guide the student towards independence and how they can attain the answer themselves. 

All tutoring positions are temporary and part-time (less than 29 hours per week).  Applicants should be willing to work a minimum of 5 hours a week.  Student workers may work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session.  The Learning Center is open seven days a week and offers day, evening, and weekend appointments for students (both in-person, and online).  If hired, your working hours will depend upon the number of students requiring tutoring in your subject area(s), your availability, and the hours that the Learning Center needs coverage.

NOTE:  Applications are accepted on a “continuous recruitment” basis.  We accept applications year-round and reach out to the pool of qualified applicants only when the need arises.  Need is based upon student demand in the specific course/discipline. This can change from semester to semester.  These positions are temporary and there is no guarantee of work.   

Positions and Requirements

Academic Tutor I (Peer Tutor): 
  • Open to current OCC students.
  • Must have achieved a grade of B+ or higher in the course they wish to tutor.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Must obtain a positive faculty recommendation within the discipline and/or course.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and technology skills are needed for this position.
  • Preferred applicants will have taken subsequent higher-level coursework in the discipline, and/or have prior tutoring experience with individuals or small groups.
  • To read the full job description and apply to be an Academic Tutor I, click HERE.
Academic Tutor II: 
  • Possession of an associate degree from a regionally accredited higher education institution including a grade of B+ or higher in the course and subsequent higher-level coursework.
  • Prior tutoring experience with individuals or groups.
  • To read the full job description and apply to be an Academic Tutor II, click HERE.
Federal Work Study - Office Aide (non-tutoring position):
  • Open to current OCC students who qualify for federal work study (applicants should inquire with financial aid before applying).
  • Must have successfully completed at least twelve (12) credit hours at OCC.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Must be familiar with D2L Brightspace, OCC email, and Microsoft Office.
  • Must be dependable and willing to learn new technology.
  • Excellent attention to detail, excellent customer service skills are needed for this position.
  • To read the full job description and apply to be an Office Aide, click HERE

When You Apply

Please include the following information in your cover letter:

  • The specific courses you are interested in tutoring using the college catalog.

  •  What days and hours you are available to work.

  • How many hours a week you desire.

  • Attach a letter of recommendation.

  • If you are not a current student, please attach a copy of your transcript.


You can borrow a laptop at The Learning Center — Bring your LazerCard!  


Gordon Student Center 202

All tutoring sessions and workshops are hosted in the Learning Center, Gordon 202, unless indicated otherwise.


Summer 2023
Mon - Thu: 8:30am - 6:00pm
Fri:  8:30am - 4:30pm
Sat/Sun:  CLOSED

After Hours Tutoring