Laptops & Equipment

OCC has loaner laptops available to students that need a computer to complete their coursework. These laptops are intended for use by students that do not have access to a computer off campus.


These are web-based computers that are fine for word processing, searching the web, access to Blackboard and use of Office 365. If you need access to more specialized software, a Dell laptop will probably be a better choice. Chromebooks may be checked out at the first floor circulation desk in the Library.

Dell Laptops

These are traditional laptops running Windows 10. They are available for students that need more specialized software and processing power, such as those majoring in Computer Science, Broadcast Media Communications or Architecture. Dell laptops may be checked out at the first floor circulation desk in the Library. Adjunct faculty or staff that would like to check out a Dell laptop need to have their department chair or dean request one through Steve Wiley.

WiFi Hotspots

We are currently working on a technical issue with our WiFi hotspots.  WiFi hotspots will be unavailable until further notice.

Hotspots are available for students in need. Contact your advisor or academic department to see if you are eligible.  Advisors and academic departments should contact Steve Wiley to place a request. Most requests will be fulfilled within 48 hours.

All laptops and equipment will be loaned for the current term and due back at the end of exams. Renewals may be accommodated for students continuing their studies at OCC.