Celebrate! OCC’s PTK Chapter Ranked #5 in the WORLD!

News Briefs
PTK Members at 2019 Commencement
The research project of OCC's chapter of honor society Phi Theta Kappa has been recognized internationally. PTK members (pictured above) wear gold stoles at commencement.

Onondaga Community College received some amazing news late Friday night. The College’s chapter of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), known as Alpha Sigma Zeta, was named 5th best in the world! This is the second year in a row OCC’s PTK chapter had been ranked among the top five internationally. “Being one of the top 5 chapters out of almost 1,300 across the world, for not one but two years in a row, is a true testament to the outstanding work that our Leadership Team members do each day, and also to the unparalleled support OCC and the OCC Foundation provides our chapter,” said PTK Faculty Advisor Dr. Annie Tuttle.

The international awards were announced Friday night during a virtual conference. PTK Faculty and Student leaders were supposed to attend the international conference, known as “PTK Catalyst 2020,” in Texas in early April. The in-person event was cancelled due to the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

Along with being named the 5th best chapter in the world, OCC’s chapter received numerous other awards including:

International Awards

  • Beta Alpha Continued Excellence Award
  • Distinguished College Project
  • Distinguished Honors in Action Project
  • Distinguished Advisor Team: Dr. Annie Tuttle, Jackie Barstow, Maria Malagisi, Stephanie Putman

As you might expect, there is a long list of students, faculty members, and college employees who played significant roles in these accomplishments.


Fall 2019 - Student Leadership Team Members

  • President - Maddie Bohrer
  • Co-VP for Leadership - Grace Norton
  • Co-VP for Leadership - Mayada Abedrabbah
  • VP for Service - Anna Gonchar
  • Co-VP for Scholarship - Lily Woughter
  • Co-VP for Scholarship - Nidaa Aljabbarin
  • Co-VP for Public Relations - Jalyn Handford
  • Co-VP for Public Relations - Amelia Fisher
  • VP for Fellowship - Caitlyn Wiltsey
  • Meghan Wilmot
  • Autumn Orts
  • Hanna Dellostritto
  • Alison Cox


College Project Campus Collaborators – A “Major” Event: Connection Majors to Careers

  • Dr. Casey Crabill
  • Abbey Baird and Career Services
  • Rebecca Fracchia and Economic and Workforce Development
  • Dr. Arnaud Lambert
  • Dr. Chris Thout
  • Dr. Shawn Wiemann
  • Dr. David VanArsdale
  • Dr. Art Peterson
  • Professor Tim Stedman
  • Professor Pete Patnode
  • Professor Karen Harrison
  • Professor Maryann Page
  • Dr. Melissa Hicks
  • Professor Barb Leo
  • Professor Marty Martino
  • Professor Elisabeth Hamilton


Honors In Action Project Campus & Community Collaborators - The Cost of Being a Woman: Increasing Education and Reproductive Justice in our Community

  • Susan Doughtery, RN, CNM, OB/GYN
  • ACR Health and Daniel Reed
  • Nicole Schlater
  • Shawn Edie and Residence Life
  • Lee Berg and OCC Nursing Department
  • Human Resources
  • Kim Siriano and Applied Engineering and Technology and
  • Katie Boyle
  • Planned Parenthood

”On top of being leaders in the classroom and juggling the countless other demands of community college students, our PTK Leadership Team members volunteer their time to work on projects that make a difference on both the campus and in the community.  They create student-led programs to help our members grow as both scholars and leaders and work to make our campus and community a better place. Our advisor team, including Jackie Barstow, Maria Malagisi, and Stephanie Putman provide our chapter’s stable foundation, which helps our members to be successful and make a difference, year after year,” said Tuttle.

”Having a successful chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is a true team effort and is made possible because the college has provided us with the tools and resources we need to produce top-notch programming, including our Honors/PTK Suite and funding for travel and projects.  The OCC Foundation provides substantial financial assistance to help eligible students join PTK, bringing the cost of membership down from $80 to only $11, as well as secured funding to provide our members with free graduation and PTK regalia to wear at commencement.  Over the years, faculty and administrators from every part of the campus have answered the call to collaborate with us on our PTK projects and support our members in their endeavors, which means the world to me and to our students,” added Tuttle.

”We are so proud of our students and they are definitely celebrating their accomplishments, but the work continues! This semester’s Leadership Team is already fast at work on a new College Project and working to make a difference on our campus and in our community,” said Tuttle.


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