Celebrating Nursing Degrees

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Nurse Pinning Ceremony
Keila Arencibia Cespedes (center) is congratulated by OCC Provost and Senior Vice President Anastasia Urtz (left) and President Dr. Casey Crabill (right) after receiving her Nursing pin.

Across the United States, community colleges annually produce more than 50 percent of all new nurses and other healthcare workers. Friday night Onondaga Community College celebrated the accomplishments of 47 students who completed their Nursing degrees during this academic year by holding the annual Nurse Pinning ceremony in Storer Auditorium. The pinning ceremony is a symbolic welcoming of newly graduated students with Nursing degrees into the Nursing profession. "I want to remind all of our nurses that nursing is hard. It is also a privilege and an honor to serve those in their time of need. I promise you that for everything you put into this profession, you will get it back tenfold," said Leanne Waterman, Chair of OCC's Nursing degree program.

Congratulations to the Nursing class of 2021!

  • Makenzie Annable
  • Keila Arencibia Cespedes
  • Alissa Arno
  • Kristy Bague
  • Chloe Baker
  • Vanessa Barton
  • Madelyn Bennett
  • Margery Buchanen
  • Matthew Colbert
  • Cassandra Conklin
  • Joseph Cook
  • Megan Crary
  • Kenyotta Green
  • Melissa Grennell
  • Alla Ivanchuk
  • Devon Jones
  • Brooke Kapcinski
  • Siobhan Kitts
  • Kayla Komoroski
  • Vladimir Kozak
  • Alaina Locurcio
  • Mallory Lovcsanyi
  • Erin May
  • Eowyn McAlhaney
  • McKayla Morris
  • LaPetra Myers
  • Leah Pawlewicz
  • Viktoriya Piso
  • Andrew Popp
  • Danielle Reese
  • Ginalyn Rioux
  • Ginvirly Rioux
  • Allison Roosa
  • Kara Savastano
  • Iryna Savich
  • Brianne Schumacher
  • Ashley Shafer
  • Lisa Sherman
  • Lioubov Shipman
  • Kelly Smith
  • Anastasia Stankus
  • Ezrielle Tetu
  • Kayla Thibault
  • Mary Ellen Touchette
  • Jennifer Valentine
  • Hannah White
  • Matthew Yacano
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