Student Government President Going Non-Stop

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Alexis Riccardo
Alexis Riccardo is Student Government President. She's taking 18 credits this semester in the demanding Engineering Science degree program.

Alexis Riccardo loves being busy and the spring 2021 semester promises to be her most challenging to date. Riccardo is taking 18 credits this semester in the Engineering Science degree program. She's also President of the Student Association. And most importantly, she's a mom.

Thanks to her participation in the College's C-STEP program (Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program) she spent a week in January participating in a mini-semester program with the Brookhaven National Laboratory and loved the experience.

Riccardo is our guest on this week's edition of our podcast, "Chatting About College." You can listen to it by clicking on this link. You can also find our conversation in places like iTunes and Spotify, or wherever you download podcasts.

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