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Take your mathematical and physical science skills to the next level

The foundation of any career in engineering —
aerospace, electrical, mechanical, environmental, electrical, civil, chemical or computer. 

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn creative problem-solving skills that will help you understand how things work and, more importantly, how you can make them work better. 

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Typical Salary

5 years after graduating with a Bachelor's degree


Popular careers, their growth potential, and regional demand for the past 12 months.
Career 10-year growth potential Regional Demand
Electrical Engineer 6% High
Industrial Engineer 10% Average
Mechanical Engineer 7% Average
Civil Engineer 13% Average

Real Data from Central New York

  • Data reflect previous twelve-month period in the Syracuse Metropolitan Area and surrounding five-county Central New York region.
  • Salary gathered from SUNY Graduate Wages (data source: NYS Unemployment Insurance) unless otherwise indicated. 
  • Demand is determined by the number of job postings in the region over the past twelve months. 
  • Occupational growth potential gathered from Burning Glass.   

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