76% of our students transfer to a 4-year institution after attending OCC. Our formal agreements guarantee your college credits transfer with you!  

It's never too early to start planning your next steps.  Explore our transfer agreements by your major, by the 4-year school you'd like to transfer to, or even by our Dual Admission agreements.

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OCC maintains relationships with several 4-year institutions and we are always adding more.  Of course, students can, and do, transfer to colleges without transfer agreements.  Contact one of our transfer advisors to discuss your situation and we can help get you to where you want to be.

Partnerships with Historically Black Colleges & Universities

OCC is partnering with HBCUs to create opportunities for seamless transfer to a bachelor’s degree!  These partnerships provide a pathway to nationally ranked universities that value diversity and inclusion.

dual admission

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Dual or Joint Admission agreements are where you apply for admission to both schools as a Freshman and complete the first two years of your coursework at OCC.  Then you carry on at the 4-year school as a Junior with guaranteed acceptance and full credit transfer. 

Dual admission agreements are for full-time students planning to pursue a bachelor's degree, who have already chosen both a major and a specific transfer school.  Applicants must have strong academic records, including Regent's English, Social Studies, Science and Math.  Students who transfer credits from another institution are not eligible for any of our dual admission agreements.  Upon successful completion of the OCC degree, having met all conditions of the dual admission agreement, students are guaranteed acceptance at the 4-year college.  

Transfer Advising

We're here for you! Our transfer advisors can help make your transition as easy as possible.  Throughout the year, we host several transfer workshops, transfer fairs, provide on-going transfer advising and support, and even organize tours to regional colleges and universities. 

Each of Onondaga's 4 schools provides the following transfer services and resources to help students with the process of researching, planning, selecting and applying to colleges and universities.

  • Resources to research and apply to transfer schools
  • Help with selecting the right courses at OCC that will transfer to your chosen 4 year school
  • Transfer Workshops and Information Sessions
  • Advisor in Residence (transfer recruiter visits at OCC)

 Transfer Services can guide you through the transfer process.  


If you transferred to a 4-year from OCC before graduating, you can transfer coursework back to OCC after receiving your Bachelors to complete your associates degree.

Visit our webpage on Reverse Transferring to learn more!

Reverse Transfer Page

Whether you have outstanding debt from another college or struggled your first time, OCC can help. Learn more