Transfer Services

Ready to see where your OCC degree can take you? 

We're here to help you navigate the transfer process to get you where you want to be. Transferring between colleges can be complicated, so be sure to meet with your Success Coach or Career & Transfer Services with any questions.

Questions to consider when researching:

  • Do they have your major?
  • Do you want a small, medium or large campus?
  • Where is the school located? Can you see yourself living there?

Check out the Admission page on each school's website to learn more and reach out to their Admission Counselors with any questions. 

Transfer agreements can help guide you in which courses to choose in order to transfer to the school of your choice after OCC!

We have agreements with multiple 4-year schools that let you transfer seamlessly into your Bachelor's degree program.

Check them out in the "Browse by OCC Degree" section on this page!

Requesting a credit evaluation from each school's Admission office will help you understand how your classes and credits will transfer to your new school.

Request your OCC transcript to be sent to the schools of your choice:

Transcript Request

Type of application:

  • SUNY app
  • Common app
  • College-specific app

Send OCC transcripts to each school:
Transcript Request

Prepare additional items as needed:

  • Essay/statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Major-specific
  1. Fill out the application
  2. Send additional items
  3. Fill out FAFSA - It opens Oct. 1st every year.
  4. Fill out TAP (if New York school)
  5. Check that transcripts were received
  6. Contact the school Admission office with any questions
  7. Watch your email for admission decisions!


Transferring on to a 4-year school is a huge step!  We are proud to have you as an alum and wish you the greatest success in your journey ahead.

Browse by 4-year school

OCC maintains relationships with several 4-year institutions and we are always adding more.  Of course, students can, and do, transfer to colleges without transfer agreements.  Contact one of our transfer advisors to discuss your situation and we can help get you to where you want to be.

Browse by Dual Admission

Dual or Joint Admission agreements are where you apply for admission to both schools as a Freshman and complete the first two years of your coursework at OCC.  Then you carry on at the 4-year school as a Junior with guaranteed acceptance and full credit transfer. 

Dual admission agreements are for full-time students planning to pursue a bachelor's degree, who have already chosen both a major and a specific transfer school.  Applicants must have strong academic records, including Regent's English, Social Studies, Science and Math.  Students who transfer credits from another institution are not eligible for any of our dual admission agreements.  Upon successful completion of the OCC degree, having met all conditions of the dual admission agreement, students are guaranteed acceptance at the 4-year college.  

Partnerships with Historically Black Colleges & Universities

OCC is partnering with HBCUs to create opportunities for seamless transfer to a bachelor’s degree!  These partnerships provide a pathway to nationally ranked universities that value diversity and inclusion.

View our HBCU transfer agreements 

Helpful Hints

  • Apply for FREE to 7 SUNY schools when you graduate from OCC!
  • Keep track of deadlines! Every school is different. Check out their Admission pages for specific deadlines.
  • Use your OCC email or a professional email to apply.
  • Scholarships! Many schools offer their own scholarships, so be sure to checkout their websites or ask the Admission office.

Need help?

Connect with your school's Success Coach or reach out to Career & Transfer Services.