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Syracuse Surge student Adam Robinson (wearing white shirt) was among those being interviewed for jobs Friday, December 15. The rapid-fire interview sessions were followed by a graduation ceremony in the Frederick Marvin and Ernst Schuh Recital Hall in OCC's Academic II building.
Syracuse Surge student Adam Robinson (wearing white shirt) was among those being interviewed by employers Friday, December 15. The interview sessions were followed by a graduation ceremony on the OCC campus.

Josanique Everson decided to change the course of her life, and the Syracuse Surge Workforce program provided her with the opportunity to do so. "One day I had an epiphany! I wanted to do something that wasn't so 9 to 5 oriented and more career oriented."

That brought her to Onondaga Community College, home of the Syracuse Surge Workforce program which is a collaboration between OCC, CenterState CEO, SUNY EOC, and OCM BOCES. Through Syracuse Surge, students can choose from one of three paths which lead directly into the workforce; Surge Advanced Manufacturing, Electrical Mechanical Technician, and Surge Defense.

Everson chose manufacturing because she likes working with her hands. "The instructor was very thorough and very good at explaining the course content and how to do the different exercises and learning tools. It was a great experience!"

Adam Robinson Chose the Electrical Mechanical Technician course. He was inspired by work he did with drones while a student at PSLA at Fowler High School. "Ever since my freshman year of high school I was hooked on it. I feel like this is where the future is going to be. This program was good. We learned all of the basic knowledge we'll need in the field. We did manufacturing, electrician, circuitry, and wiring. It's all good information to know."

On December 15, Everson, Robinson, and more than 30 other students came to OCC for a morning filled with interviews with potential employers and a Syracuse Surge Workforce graduation ceremony. "This is tremendous culmination of the hard work and effort that these candidates have sacrificed," said Cainaan Webb, Centerstate CEO Surge Career Navigator and Candidate Coach. "Reworked schedules, figuring out how to take care of their children on random hours some of them working multiple jobs and finding ways to get to class. Just to see it pay off in a way where they're actually making some professional progress is a beautiful thing."

The day couldn't have worked out better for Everson who received four job offers! Now she has to decide what works best with her life challenges and professional goals. "I have a child to schedule around so there are a lot of factors. I have the mindset that if I start something, I will stick with it. I am raising my son to know that and adhere to it. And what do I want from my career? I desire to be a journeywoman and it's very exciting! The four opportunities will give me a lot to sift through. I'm confident I'll make the right decision."

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