Tuition Refund Policy

If at any time you are entitled to a refund of monies paid then your refund will be issued by check and mailed unless you have enrolled in direct deposit.

To ensure that you receive any funds as accurately and quickly as possible your mailing address needs to be correct. If you need to update your mailing address please contact Student Central at or at (315) 498-2000.

If you would like to avoid waiting for a check to be mailed to you we recommend that you sign up for direct deposit of your refunds.  You can do so here:

Direct Deposit Set-Up

Regular Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition fee refunds will be granted to paid students who follow the official drop/withdrawal policies.  All fees are non-refundable.

  • Student Central must be notified of intent to drop or withdraw. Use MyOCC or come in person to Student Central. The drop date determines the refund based on the refund schedule listed below. You will not eliminate your liability unless you drop during the 100% refund period.
  • Due to the many drop/add transactions during the refund period, refunds will not be processed until after the refund period has ended.
  • Veterans please note: It is strongly recommended that you visit the Office of Veterans' Affairs before dropping a course or withdrawing.

The drop date determines the refund based on the schedule below. You will not entirely eliminate your liability unless you drop during the 100% refund period.

See the instructions on the Tuition and Fee Appeal Form to determine if you meet any of the stringent requirements under which an application will be considered prior to completing and submitting the form. Applications will not be reviewed unless they meet those requirements.

Tuition Refund Schedule

Please use this refund schedule to assist you in determining the financial implications of dropping a class. Students who drop classes before the first day of the semester are granted a 100% refund.

Tuition will be refunded by the Student Accounts Office based upon the day as of which the withdrawal is effective in accordance with the following schedule:

Semester (9 week term or greater)

Student's share of tuition liability:

  • Prior to first day - 0
  • During 1st week - 25%
  • During 2nd week - 50%
  • During 3rd week - 75%
  • After 3rd week - 100%

8 Week Term or Less

Student's share of tuition liability:

  • Prior to first day - 0
  • During 1st week - 75%
  • During 2nd week - 100%
  • During 3rd week - 100%
  • After 3rd week - 100%

Please note that the first day of the semester / term is also considered to be the first day of the course. 

If you have any questions concerning how a refund will impact your account, please feel free to contact the Student Accounts Office at (315) 498-2367.

Failure to pay tuition or attend classes does not relieve you of your registration or financial obligation. Classes must be officially dropped in accordance with the following refund schedule to have tuition charges adjusted.

This refund schedule is subject to change without prior notification. Fees are non-refundable if classes are not dropped before the first day of the semester / term.


Questions? Stop by Student Central, send us an email or give us a call at (315) 498-2000.  

Withdrawing from Classes Policy

Return to Title IV (R2T4) - Withdrawing from Classes

Federal financial aid (Title IV funds) is awarded to students with the expectation they will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance is granted. When a student withdraws or stops attending all of their classes before completing more than 60% of the enrollment period, the student is no longer eligible for the full amount of federal financial aid which they were originally awarded. Students should carefully consider the consequences before withdrawing from all of their classes.

  • If a student completes up to 60% of the semester, the percentage of financial aid earned equals the percentage of the completed period. A portion of the Title IV funds (Pell Grant, SEOG, Direct Loan, Unsubsidized Direct Loan) awarded to the student must be returned to the U.S. Department of Education.
  • The calculation of the return of these funds may result in the student owing a balance to the College. It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from all classes. If the student completes 60.01% or more, the student is considered to have earned 100% of their financial aid.
  • Students who are no longer attending at least six credit hours at the time loan funds are scheduled to be disbursed are not eligible to receive those funds. The loan will be cancelled and all loan funds returned to the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Effective for the 2021-22 academic year, students in programs of study with modules are exempted from a Return to Title IV calculation if they have completed 49.0% of their program.

Learn more about R2T4