Returning Students

If it's been a semester or more since you last took classes...

We’re excited you're considering returning to OCC to finish what you started —we’re committed to helping you get across that finish line!  Here are the steps to re-enroll:

  1. You do not need to re-apply, but you do need to fill out our Returning Student Form.
     Returning Student Form
  2. After completing the form, our Returning Student Onboarding Contact will be in touch to walk you through the next steps to re-enroll and register for classes. 
  3. Once you're ready to register for classes you can head over to our Register NOW page to complete the steps for registration. Your school will have a dedicated team of advisors, faculty, success coaches, and other support staff who are there to get your schedule created and help you succeed!


If things did not go as planned the first time you attended and you had some academic or financial issues— that’s ok.  We can walk you through your options and find the approach that best fits your situation. A couple of frequently asked questions include:  

Step 1: Click on “Reset Password (All Others)”

Log in screen highlighting "Reset Password (All Others)"


Step 2: Fill in your username (this was emailed to you in the initial Register NOW email), Click on “I am not a robot” 

"Forgot your password?" screen - enter your OCC email in username field


Step 3: Enter your OCC Student ID number that can be found in your Register NOW email, birthdate, and click submit

"Your Security Question" Screen


Step 4: Enter your OCC Student ID number that can be found in your Register NOW email, create a new password, and submit

"Change Your Password" Screen


Step 5: You did it! Click the link to take you back to the Register NOW log in screen to log in and complete the form 

"Change Your Password" Confirmation Screen


Don’t forget to write down your username and password!

If you have any trouble logging in, here is who you can contact:

  • OCC Helpdesk: (315) 498-2999
  • Erin- (315) 498-2529
  • Jessica- (315) 498-2355

Yes, if you still have aid eligibility you can submit a FAFSA/TAP application.  If you still have financial aid eligibility but lost it due to academic performance you can earn it back by completing 2 classes with a C or better.   

Yes, unfortunately you will need to re-take those classes again for them to count towards your degree if you stay in that program.  If you did not meet the GPA requirements and were academically dismissed or were on academic probation you can come back but depending on your situation there will be some requirements for this.  Your advisor will be able to review all of this with you and go over your specific requirements.    

Yes, but If you have a current balance over $200 you will not be able to register for classes until you take some steps to address it.  If you create a payment plan for your balance owed you can get your registration hold lifted.  If you owe money and it has gone to collections you will have to work with the collections agency to get this debt resolved.  After you do you will be able to have your registration hold lifted.   

Yes, you can come back to OCC and enroll in a different degree program.  Your school advisor will be able to help you out with this change and what’s needed.   


Jessica Mitchell


If you are having any trouble logging in, please call our help desk at (315) 498-2999 or reach out to me directly:

Jessica Mitchell   |   (315) 498-2355