Students Studying in the Learning Center

College is hard and that's why we're committed to supporting you outside the classroom. Here are some of the ways you can get help in the Learning Center. (Oh and by the way, it's free for all current students) 

Writing Papers 

Proofreading. Reviewing Papers. Help with the Concepts. Tutors will help you with anything related to writing assignments (except writing the paper for you). Just bring a copy of your writing assignment and a tutor will help you. 

Understanding Complicated Course Material 

There's always that one concept that doesn't really stick. Our tutors can help you with core concepts of the course so you can ace the test or complete the assignment on time. Check The Learning Center website appointment center to see if we have a tutor for your course. 

Leveling Up Your Skills 

Want to get better at studying for tests? Or composing an elegant paper? The Learning Center hosts workshops that help to level up your skills so you can do college better. They'll also help you one on one if you schedule an appointment. 

Studying for Tests 

When it comes time for midterms and finals, our tutors will be there to help you study. Whether your academic goal is to pass or keep the A, our friendly tutors will be there to help you prepare. 

Ready to get started? Schedule an appointment with a tutor today!