Student Studying In Whitney
Student Studying In Whitney

This is a guest blog from Learning Center tutors. 

It’s that time of year again! The last day of classes is fast approaching, so it is time to start preparing for finals. Whether this is your first semester, or you have a few under your belt, final exam preparation is important. Here is some advice to help you succeed.

Best 5 Tips to Prepare for Finals:

1. Know the Essentials: Knowing the basics of what each of your finals will look like is essential to your success.
Make sure you know the date, time, and location—when and where exactly is your exam, and how long is it? If you get testing accommodations, make an appointment with the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) for your finals early.

You should also know the format and content—Is it cumulative? Is it multiple-choice, essay format, take-home, in in-person? You need to understand how the test looks to prepare for it.

2. Study

Make sure to review the content—go over your notes, create study groups, and check review sheets and study guides.

Use good study habits—it's not just about the content, but how you study. Create a study schedule that breaks up the course content, and then stick to it – do not cram!

3. Strengthen Your Weaknesses

Do you know what subject or info you struggled with? Find it! Give more time to the content that was difficult for you before you study material that comes easier.

Stay focused with your review by looking at old exams/quizzes, assignments, and essays. If you are having difficulty figuring it out, ask your professor about topics, skills, or areas that need improvement.

4. Importance of Self-Care

Try to manage your stress by finding the balance between schoolwork and time for yourself. Taking care of your body helps to take care of your mind, so make sure you eat right, stay hydrated, and get in some exercise. Even a small walk is proven to help!

Make sure you get adequate sleep in the days leading up to, and especially the night before, your finals. Again, no late-night cram sessions!

5. Need More Assistance? Visit the Learning Center.

If you need additional support with content, study skills, writing, practice models, and more, come to the Learning Center located in Gordon 202, next to the cafeteria. We have tutors that are available to help you! You can also stop in if you are just looking for a quiet spot to study; we have plenty of tables and chairs. 


We wish you good luck! Hopefully these tips will help you ace your finals.