Students in the residence hall

We've all seen the super long dorm packing lists that spread online this time of year. There's plenty of good stuff on there, but you may be wondering about which items are necessary and which you can wait to buy. Let's dig in to the 5 items we think you should bring along for Move-In Day. 

  1. Shower Curtain
    OCC's suite-style living means more privacy, especially when it comes to the bathrooms (yay!), but it also means that you'll need some specific bathroom items. A shower curtain is a must-have to give your bathroom personality and help keep water in the shower. You can scoop one up in a store or online.
  2. Cleaning Supplies
    Things get mess. We love our maintenance staff, and they can handle work orders like repairs and moving large furniture items, but when someone drops food on the ground, you'll need to take care of it quickly. Grab a surface cleaner and cloth, disinfecting sprays, or whatever basic cleaner you'll need to keep your new home looking and feeling great. There will even be space to store your supplies in the sink cabinet in the bathroom.
  3. Batteries
    This is a sneaky item. We love to bring remotes and other gadgets, but often forget about the things that power them. If you have anything that runs on batteries, make sure you don't forget to bring batteries with you. 
  4. First Aid Kit
    You don't think about taking care of a paper cut or a headache until it happens to you. We recommend packing a first aid kit with essentials like bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain reliever, and tweezers. You can build your own to control the cost and give it your personal style, or you can buy one of the many kits available online or in stores. Make sure you keep it somewhere easily accessible.
  5. Hangers
    If you packed a suitcase but not hangers then you might find yourself a little frustrated when you go to hang your clothes up. We have wardrobes with a section dedicated to any items you want to hang, so make sure to remember your hangers.

Sometimes we all need a little reminder, so when you go to pack for the big move, make sure you bring these along! If you're looking for a more expansive packing list and rules on what you can bring, check out our Room Guide. You can also send us an email at reslife@sunyocc.edu if you have any questions related to Reslife. We can't wait to see you for Move-In Day!


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