5 Tips to Help you Start Spring Semester Strong

Aerial Shot of Campus during Winter

Here are a few hints to help you get on the road to success and stay there. 

1. Go to Class 
It sounds like a no brainer. But many students do it anyway. They think, "What's the harm in missing one class?" 

In reality, a lot happens in a day in a college class. Skip out on one or two and you might miss something you really need to know or get behind really fast. Take our advice, you'll be glad you went to your classes. 

2. If you do need to miss class, let your professor know
We just said don't miss class, and you shouldn't. But sometimes life happens and you can't make it for whatever reason. We get that! 

If that happens, let your professor know before the class or immediately after. Professors at OCC are a pretty understanding. If you tell them something happened and you can't make class they'll understand and try to work with you so you don't get behind. 

3. Get Organized 
Use your student planner. Get a desktop calendar. Put reminders in your iPhone. Whatever your system, find a way to stay organized. College professors don't plan this, but they all tend to think alike and you might find you have three finals on the same day. When that happens, you need to be organized so you can make sure you're prepared for all three. 

4. Take All Work Seriously
In high school, you had a lot of assignments that played into a final grade. In college, you don't. Make sure to take every assignment seriously because it could be the difference between passing and failing. 

5. Remember that if you are really struggling help is available.
If you feel like you're falling behind and need help, be sure to talk to your advisor, or visit The Learning Center. (They'll tutor you for free. So don't be afraid to ask for help!) If you feel like the obstacle to your success is more personal than academic, we have Counseling Services and a Community Care Hub that can assist you with what you're facing in your personal life.