The Casey Triplets

Succeeding @ OCC
Photo of the Casey Triplets
The Casey triplets are in their first semester at OCC. Left to right: Eric, John and Greg Casey are 2019 graduates of Baldwinsville High School. They are pictured on the OCC campus in front of the metal sculpture, "Reticulum."

If you see one of the Casey triplets, the other two are probably nearby. They commute to OCC together, work identical hours at their part-time jobs, and always seem to be on the same page mentally. "If we didn't say anything to each other for an entire day we would know what the other was thinking. There's an unspoken bond," said Greg Casey. "We're different from each other physically, mentally and in our interests," added Eric Casey. "But we have each others back," said Greg Casey.

Greg, Eric and John Casey graduated from Baldwinsville High School in June. Two months later they were starting their fall semester on the Onondaga Community College campus. John had considered attending the University at Buffalo but decided to spend one more year with his brothers. The decision to come to OCC turned out to be the best financial choice for all three. "I didn't know what I wanted to do. I had an interest in Criminal Justice. Money wise it was the best option," said Greg. "I was undecided on what I wanted to major in," added Eric. "To spend a lot of money at a major college didn't make sense. I thought it would be smarter to come to OCC first."

The brothers don't have identical schedules but they do commute together every morning to accommodate whomever has class first. They remain on campus all day until the last of the triplets has completed his final class. All three have different majors; Greg's is Criminal Justice, Eric's is General Studies and John's is Humanities.

Greg is the oldest of the three by a few minutes. He's the first to call "bathroom" in the morning and also the most likely to answer a question first and dominate the conversation. "We let him talk. He overpowers everyone," said John Casey. "He's the dad. He's controlling," added Eric.

The Casey triplets not only attend college together, they also have identical work schedules. All three can be found working at the Wegmans on Route 31 in Clay.

This will be the Casey triplets final academic year together. John compiled so many college and advanced placement credits in high school he will earn his OCC degree in just one year. Greg isn't sure of his plans beyond this year, and Eric plans to stay at OCC for two years and complete work toward his degree.

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