Seph’s Survival Guide to College Living – Free is a Four-Letter Word

On Campus

Okay folks, let’s get real here. The school offers plenty in the form of meal plans and cafeteria food. But maybe you got really hungry for a few days and ended up buying more meals than normal. Or maybe you’re a young parent with your little one running around while you’re trying to work on homework.

Whatever the reason, you’re in desperate need of a little assistance. The amazing thing is, while college is here to help you guys transition from depending on your parents for everything to depending on the strength of your own two hands, they’re aren’t gonna throw you to the wolves just yet. Onondaga Community College has a few options for those who need them, from the Community Care Hub to the Learning Center, to the Residence Halls themselves. We will not let you go hungry in order to get a great education.

Here are just a few of the options available to the sick, the hungry, and the stressed:


Community Care Hub

The Community Care Hub is located in Gordon 134, down the stairs next to the cafeteria, next to the Residence Hall office. Their entire existence is devoted to making sure that students like you are able to learn in a safe and stable environment.

If you’re hungry, they’ll direct you to the Food Link, which will give you immediate assistance with food. They’ll even help you get in contact with government programs like SNAP, to make sure that you always have a hot meal available to you. The Food Link is open from 2-4 PM on Monday and Thursday, and 4-6 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday.


The big one. You’ve all seen hashtag on posters around the campus, tantalizing you with promises of free food and prizes. The time has come for this mysterious program to reveal itself, and as luck would have it, all the hidden information has been laid bare in this exclusive, tell-all expose!

#FreeIfYouCanFindMeOCC is a hashtag on Instagram. It updates every Monday or Wednesday with posts of free goodies available somewhere on campus. These goodies often include free food and prizes like lanyards and pens. Follow OnondagaCC on Instagram to keep up with the info.

“But Seph,” I can hear you saying, “What if it’s not college hour, but still want a snack?” Well, worry not, faithful reader, you’ll not go hungry. If you take a look in the hallways, somewhere will be a bulletin board covered in flyers. These flyers advertise all of the events being held on campus and in the Residence Halls.

Whether it’s the Safe Sex people coming by to hand out free condoms and terrify you with stories of STIs, or a Laundry Supply Giveaway, there’s usually the promise of pizza or ice cream to draw a crowd. There’s Game Night and Movie Night, and even Lawn Games on the rare occasion that the weather isn’t terrible for once. Make sure to check out the board and talk to your RA for more information.

And remember, Onondaga Community College isn’t going to benefit from you starving to death. There are plenty of freebies out there to help you survive college living.