Student Spotlight: Cole Goodchild

Succeeding @ OCC
Cole Goodchild
Cole Goodchild has taught himself numerous world languages. He'll earn his associate degree this December.
  • Degree Program: Liberal Arts & Sciences - Humanities and Social Sciences
  • High School: Skaneateles, class of 2018

Cole Goodchild is obsessed with learning new languages. He found his passion during a high school trip to Spain. "I was taking Spanish but it felt like any other class. When I saw the language being used and the culture behind it, I became immediately hooked. I wanted to learn more languages and it turned into a type of addiction."

When he returned he immersed himself in the Spanish language, then decided to learn Russian. After graduating high school he spent a year as an exchange student in Taiwan where he learned Mandarin Chinese. "I met people from all around the world and they were so good at English. I told each and every one of them I would learn their language because they were so good at our language."

He continued to learn more languages including Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, and Italian. You can watch a video of him speaking each of the languages fluently by clicking here.

Goodchild began taking classes at OCC one year ago. "I thought I would stay home, save money, and try to figure things out. I looked at all of my local options and got a good recommendation from a friend about OCC. I came here with the mindset I was going to try my best. I got along with all of my professors and really enjoyed a lot of the material." In the spring he was inducted into the College's chapter of international honor society Phi Theta Kappa and this semester is a member of its leadership team.

When he's not on campus Goodchild spends his time helping others. He interprets Spanish for the Eastern Farm Workers Association. He also volunteers for Hopeprint on Syracuse's Northside which helps provide guidance to African and Middle East refugees.

Goodchild will earn his degree in December. As he completes his last semester he's pursuing a job with the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer. "I want to listen to people, experience their culture, and create mutual understanding. I was looking for a career similar to my time in Taiwan. It was the best year of my life. I want to live in a foreign country, work in an embassy, and interact with the local people. It's exactly what I want to do."

Onondaga Community College
Skaneateles High School
Phi Theta Kappa