Succeeding @ OCC
Gordon Gallery
Gordon Gallery is a member of the first class of Spartan Academy. He's both an East Syracuse Minoa High School senior and enrolled in OCC's Mathematics & Science degree program. He will receive his high school diploma and associate degree next June.

Gordon Gallery is part of a unique group of high school and college students. As a member of East Syracuse Minoa High School's Spartan Academy, he's simultaneously working toward his high school diploma and Mathematics & Science degree from Onondaga Community College. He will receive both next June. "It will be pretty unique and a great feeling when I finish this. The sense of accomplishment will be great."

Gallery is one of 16 students who make up the first Spartan Academy class. He signed up for it when he was in 8th grade and began taking college classes virtually during the summer between his freshman and sophomore years of high school. This semester he's taking classes on the OCC campus and at ESM. In the morning he comes to OCC for Calculus and Physics. In the afternoon he goes to ESM to take two more classes. "I like coming to campus a lot. I like the freedom here. I'm pretty driven and know what my goals are and what I want to do. Getting my work done and using my freedom as a way to get more work done is in my best interests."

His goal is to attend a military academy or a traditional four-year college as a member of the ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) program. Gallery wants to study Biomedical Engineering and become a pilot in the United States Air Force. "My uncle who I'm very close to was in the Air Force and a lot of my other family members are also in the military. I realized Spartan Academy would help me get into a military academy and help me with my future college goals."

Just as Spartan Academy is proving to be Gallery's launching pad to a successful career in the sky, he hopes students working their way through the ESM school district today will take advantage of similar future opportunities. "Just look at the bigger picture. In your early years of high school when you have to take summer classes while your friends are having fun, it might not seem to be worth it. In the grand scheme of things it's absolutely worth it. I'm glad I can graduate high school with an associate degree."

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