Advisors for the Conduct Process

Any student may be accompanied by an advisor at any point in the process. An advisor is an individual chosen by the student to assist and support them though the student conduct process.

An advisor can be anyone the student chooses, including, but not limited to, a lawyer, advocate, faculty member, or family member.

  • Students may have no more than one (1) advisor present during a conduct hearing
  • Students who are involved in the incident being adjudicated are not permitted to serve as an advisor

Advisors are not permitted to speak on behalf of the student during the student conduct process, but are able to be utilized as a support person

  • If the student and advisor wish to speak to each other, they may ask for a moment to confer
  • If an advisor disrupts the hearing, such as attempting to speak on behalf of their advisee, actively participate in the process, or interrupt any portion of the proceedings they will be immediately removed from the process

Parties are encouraged, but not required, to provide the name of the advisor who will accompany the party at the hearing.