Adulting 101: Life After OCC

Are you confused about the next step? We're here to provide you some guidance. Check out these helpful links that cover many of the upcoming events you'll have to tackle. 

Discover covers college prep and important information on student loans and other financial considerations.

Student Loans

Phi Theta Kappa offers competitive scholarships for its members. If you want to take advantage, just click the student filter that applies to you under their "Scholarships" tab.

PTK Scholarships

PTK Transfer Honor Roll

Here's another resource for locating scholarships specially designated for transfer students.


Finding and Winning Scholarships

Locating Scholarships

Here's 10 helpful tips on transferring from a community college into a different school.


Tips for Transfers

SUNY Transfer

You'll need to be able to knock out your application when you apply for scholarships. Here's how you win them.

Winning Scholarships


Here are general pieces of advice for how to get a job, handle money, and tips for things you might not think about.

Surviving on Your Own

20 Things You Don't Learn Until You Live on Your Own

Living on Your Own Guidebook

Curious on how to get an apartment? Here's a good look at the process and what you should consider.

How Do You Rent an Apartment?

Guide to Renting an Apartment

If you've secured a place, but aren't sure what to put in it, here's a good list. 

New Apartment Checklist

Here's a breakdown of some of the major costs you can anticipate when living alone. 

How Much Does it Cost to Live on Your Own?

Tips on ways to save on your electric bill.

Saving on Your Electric Bill

You should definitely know these home maintenance tips.

Guide to Home Maintenance

Cars aren't everyone's strong suit. Here's some advice on how to maintain your vehicle.

Car Maintenance

Feeling intimidated about how to grocery shop efficiently? Not sure what to get? Here's a blog on what you should do.

Learn How to Grocery Shop

How to budget for when you go.

Cheap Grocery Shopping Strategies

Now for something on what to do with those ingredients. 

Easy Healthy Recipes

One Pot Recipes



AmeriCU's got advice on all the financial topics you can think of.

Financial Wellness Center

Here are some resources on budgeting and money management. 

Budgeting for Beginners

Managing Money in Your 20s

You'll need help with your taxes. Here are places that do it for free.

Getting Your Taxes Done

Try this info on investing and other important financial choices.

Financial Choices for a Good Future

Investing in You 20s

Need help with debt? Trying to deal with student loans? Check this out. 

Debt Help

Paying off Student Loans

Know what you're getting into with credit cards. Here's some essential knowledge.

11 Things to Know Before Getting a Credit Card

Credit Car Basics

Ready to buy a car? Look into this guide.

How to Buy a New Car

New vs Used Car 

If you're contemplating getting a home, here's how to do it. 

Buying a Home

Eating well has a huge impact on your health. Here are some helpful guides and blogs. 

The Basics

How to Meal Prep

Fitness is an important compliment to your diet. Learn how to get started with these links.

How often should you work out?

Fitness Workouts for Absolute Beginners

Caring for your mental health is important for your success. Here are some of our favorite resources for you to read through.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

Mindfulness Meditation

The Mindful Life

De-Stressing Tips

Relationships are integral to our wellbeing. Here are some useful articles.

Happy Relationships

Building Lasting Relationships