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Please view the video below for the steps to log into MyOCC for the first time. 


What is Student Planning?

Student Planning is a resource that will allow you to view not only your progress here at Onondaga Community College, but also plan for your future semesters, allowing you a visual from start to finish. 

What is My Progress?

My Progress is similar to Program Evaluation, but will include the courses that you have planned for future semesters, to indicate where you need to take action for planning and registration.

What do the different statuses mean?

  • Planned- the requirement/ course  is planned, but not registered for or completed
  • Not Started- the requirement/ course is not planned, not registered for, nor completed
  • Completed- the requirement/ course is completed (with a posted grade)
  • In Progress- the requirement/ course has been started in some capacity, but there are component(s) that still need to be addressed (planned, registered)


How do I plan a course?

There are several ways to plan a course.

  • From My Progress- load a sample course plan (if available for your program)
  • From My progress- click on the search (magnifying glass) in a specific requirement
  • From My progress- click on the specific course
  • From Plan & Schedule- search for courses
  • From Course catalog- search by course
  • From Course catalog- search by subject


When I click on Plan & Schedule, what is the difference between schedule and timeline?

The difference between the schedule and the timeline is simply how the information displays.  The schedule allows for you to see where the various sections would fall on your schedule, for visual conflict confirmation.  The timeline view allows for you to see multiple semesters, side-by-side, allowing you to see future (or past) semesters of courses that have been planned, and in some cases completed.

While in the schedule view, what do the different colors mean?

  • Green- This means that the planned course (and subsequently the section) has been registered for.
  • Yellow (solid) - This means that the planned course (and subsequently the section) has been planned.
  • Yellow (shaded) - This occurs when you view other sections (from the left side – from the course), and it ‘lays’ them on the schedule for visual accessibility.

When in the timeline view, how can I change where a course is (change semester)?

To change a course from being planned in a semester to another semester, simply click on the title of the course.  This will bring a pop-up window, where you will have the option to select an alternate term for the course to reside in.  Once you select the new term, and save your selection.  To remove a course from a plan, simply click on the ‘x’ in the corner of the course box.  You will be asked to confirm the removal, simply click on remove.

How do I view a new program? (What if?)

To see how your current coursework would fulfill requirements in another program, you have the option to select and view a ‘What If’ scenario.  To do this, you would start in ‘My Progress’.  You would click on the tab to select another program.  When done, this will provide a pop up window for you to select the program you wish to review.  It is important to note that this does not change your program; rather, it just provides you a view of what it would look like if you were to officially change your program.  Please note that the ‘what if’ analysis will run based on the catalog year on your student record.  For additional information, please speak with your advisor.


Can I register from Student Planning?

Yes, you can register from Student Planning.  Student Planning will follow all of the same set up and rules that WebAdvisor followed, ensuring that prerequisites, restrictions and designated dates for registration activities are all followed accordingly. 

How do I register?

To register for coursework, you will start from the Plan and Schedule tab.  You will select the semester that you would like to register for just as WebAdvisor would allow you to register for the entire semester as planned, or for a single course at a time.  To register for the entire semester as planned (*note you must have sections selected), you will click on the Register icon that is in the upper left corner of the planning window.  To register for a specific course/ section, you will click on the register icon that is directly on that course/section (on the left side of the planning window).

What is ‘Advisor Notes’?

Advisor notes are a way to communicate to your assigned academic advisor, and they back to you.  This is not an instant messaging service, nor does it act like email.  At this time, for your advisor to see your message, they will need to log into Student Planning to retrieve the message.  This is located in the Plan & Schedule tab.

How do I send my advisor a note?

To send your advisor a note, you will start from Plan & Schedule.  You will notice that there is a Calendar, Timeline, and Advisor Notes tab.  Simply click on the Advisor Notes tab, and begin typing into the box.  Once you click submit, it will send that message to your advisor.  When they respond, you will receive a notification upon logging into Student Planning, and the response will display in conversation view.

What does request review mean?

With Student Planning you have the ability to create your plan, and have your assigned academic advisor review your plan.  Your academic advisor will have the ability to approve or deny courses, and even make recommendations by adding to your plan (or sending an advising note). 

How do I request a review?

To request a review, you simply start at My Progress.  On the right hand side, you will see a button to click reading ‘Request Review.’ Once you click this, your assigned academic advisor will receive a message upon logging into Student Planning that there is a request for review.


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