This summer we're more flexible than ever and everything is online!   

Keep up your momentum or catch up by taking classes from the comfort of your own home!

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Regular Online

Lessons put together by your professor for you to access during the day, whenever your schedule lets you. It gives you the flexibility your life and learning style needs.

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Real-Time Remote

Regularly scheduled live-streaming classes with real-time interaction with your professor and classmates — as close as you can get to an in-person class!

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Start Dates 

Important Dates to Remember
Session Start Date
Summer Session 1 (5 weeks) June 1
Summer Session 2 (5 weeks) July 6
Summer Session 3 (10 weeks) June 1
Summer Session 4 (7 weeks, Real-Time Remote) June 17

Check out the full Academic Calendar for more specifics

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Financial Aid 

You might be eligible for summer financial aid! Requirements for eligibility vary from person to person but at OCC it's easy to see if you qualify. Just fill out our quick application. 

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Box of Books

At OCC we make getting ready for summer classes even easier through our Box of Books program.  After you register all you have to do is confirm you want Box of Books and then we will ship you all the text books required or give you digital access for all your courses... and we will do it for nearly 50% less than the regular price.  

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Transfer your credits

OCC credit easily transfers to many public and private 4-year colleges whether you're a current OCC student or a visiting student from another college. If you're a current student and want to see if the course you're interested in will transfer, contact Advising


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