CSTEP Stipends

What's a stipend?

A stipend is money paid to you by CSTEP directly deposited into your account or by paper check. The money is for you to use for textbooks, technology, conferences, or any other purpose you need. 

Here are the stipends that CSTEP offers. If you see one you are qualified for, apply! If you have any questions, just reach out. 


Apply for a stipend  

This stipend is for experienced OCC CSTEP students who agree to partner with a newer CSTEP member and check in with him/her throughout the semester.

This stipend is for students who receive a summer or semester internship that is funded by other sources but may need supplemental financial assistance. 

This is stipend is for students offered summer research opportunities not funded by other sources.

To be eligible you: 

  • must have completed 2 semesters at OCC,
  • have a GPA of 3.0 including a 3.0 in Math/Science/Technical classes
  • be working in a lab doing summer research for 8+ weeks
  • not LSAMP eligible
  • be in good CSTEP standing

This stipend is for students who find themselves in a financial emergency. 

Awarded Stipends

These stipends do not require an application and will be awarded by CSTEP staff. 

Scholar Dollars are paid to CSTEP students after a successful academic semester (Provost or President's List).

Grit Grants are for students trying to recover from a weak semester by significantly improving their GPAs the following semester.


This stipend is awarded to active CSTEP members for Participation, Recruitment, and Other Program Services. 

This stipend is for students that have participated in service beyond the expectation of the program objectives including acting as a CSTEP Ambassador.