Student Spotlight
Sam Pondossi is an Electromechanical Technology major who graduated from Baldwinsville High School 9 years ago. This summer he will do an internship at Micron in Manassas, VA.
Sam Pandossi is an Electromechanical Technology major who has earned a paid internship at Micron in Manassas, VA.

About nine months ago, Sam Pandossi decided to gamble on himself. He had tried college before but it didn't work out. He had become used to the security of a full-time job in retail and the financial security that went along with it.

Then he heard about Micron, and the new Electromechanical Technology program which would be starting at Onondaga Community College. He considered his options and decided to enroll. "My anxiety was off the charts. I had to quit my job. The whole time I was asking myself 'is this the right call?' I'm leaving a steady paycheck for a big risk."

Pandossi had graduated from Baldwinsville High School in 2015 and started at the Rochester Institute of Technology that fall. After a few semesters, he returned home. In the fall of 2023, he began taking classes at OCC and immediately enjoyed the hands-on nature of the coursework. "I like being able to do the math, then actually see it happen right in front of me. It's one thing to do the math and get the theory down, but that doesn't mean anything to me if I can't see it in practical application."

He also found the smaller class sizes within his degree program played a significant role in his success and that of his classmates. "We have great comradery. Back at RIT it was easy to feel alone. You didn't have many people you knew. Here we all know each other. It makes it a lot easier. If I'm struggling with something, someone else has already probably figured it out."

During his first semester, he applied for a paid internship at Micron. His application led to an interview, and ultimately his selection. In early June he'll begin a paid internship at Micron in Manassas, Virginia which will conclude right before the start of the fall semester. "I'm happy. I have something to look forward to. It's one thing to graduate college, but now I have something lined up. If this goes well, I can head back down there in a year and start full-time work."

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