Clock Tower OCC with fall foliage in the foreground!

As of November 30, we are officially remote for all classes for the remainder of the semester to keep our student body safe and healthy. We know this will be a transition and are here to help you through this! Our support services such as The Learning Center, Academic Computing Center, Coulter Library and more are still available. If you need to borrow a laptop or wifi hotspot, you can still borrow one via the Coulter Library Website. We're here to help if you need it Lazers! 

Here are some additional ways you can set yourself up for success:

Find your ideal study space 

The most important thing you should do as you set yourself up for remote work is to find an ideal study environment. OCC's campus spaces such as the Learning Center, Academic Computing Center, and Coulter Library are still available if you're still able to come to campus and want to have secure access to wifi. But, if you're not able to do that, or would be more comfortable studying from home, find a quiet space in your home or apartment where you can focus on studying. It's especially helpful if that space is a location where you can sit at a table to simulate the normal way you might work while at school. Try not to be in bed or on the sofa while you try to accomplish your work. 

"Chunk" your assignements 

To "Chunk" your assignments means you will break up a large task and break it down into smaller units. This is especially helpful for those larger papers or assignments. For example, take some time to break down a major paper or assignments into its key "chunks". Once you complete each "chunk", find some small way to reward yourself in order to keep yourself motivated for your next task such as having a coffee or taking a walk. 

Find ways to make your schoolwork personally relevant

It's no secret that we work best when we are passionate about what we're working on. So try and find a way to make the assignment personally relevant to you. This could be by tieing the subject of your assignment into something your passionate about, if it's possible, or by thinking about the assignment in terms of how it will help you achieve the future you want. 

Focus on Self-Care 

This year has been so tough on all of Lazers! It's really important to find moments to take care of yourself. This can be through something simple like excercise, yoga, meditation or just giving yourself a couple of minutes alone with your own thoughts. Don't feel bad about taking the time your need to recover so you can fully achieve everything you want to achieve.