Onondaga Pathways to Careers

OPC Scholars - For Young People with Disabilities


Are you interested in getting exposure to college during your senior year?

The Onondaga Pathways to Careers (OPC) Scholars Program is an opportunity for high school seniors with disabilities to learn about college and career pathways. Students participate in fun activities with other high school seniors in the Central New York area while learning skills to be successful in college.

The OPC Scholars Program focuses on increasing academic readiness, exploring career options, providing information about college admissions/financial aid, and developing life skills. Research shows that students who participate in these types of activities are more likely to be successful in college.


Am I eligible?

To be an OPC Scholar, you must: 

  • Be a high school senior and on track to earn a high school diploma
  • Have a documented disability
  • Have an interest in attending college after high school


Next Steps...

 Relevant Resources

Fall 20 Scholar Session Materials

Topics We'll Cover

Preparation is our focus. We’ll teach your students about: 

  • College Prep: learn all about how college works, how to apply and pay for it, and the support services you can expect to find on campus and how they’ll help you 
  • Career Exploration/Planning: learn how to set goals, practice your interviewing and job searching skills, and work on finding career options 
  • Youth Development & Leadership: we’ll help lead your transition planning, teach you how to apply your strengths and tap into your leadership abilities, and learning to speak up for yourself and your needs 


Want more info on Campus Support?

Office of Accessibility Resources


For more information on how to participate in the upcoming Fall 2020 sessions, please contact (315) 498-2945.