Residence Halls

All four of our Residence Halls come with: 

  • Security desk and ID card restricted access to the building
  • Front desk services with your own mailbox and delivery
  • Furnished rooms with beds, mattresses, and a dresser or wardrobe per student.
  • Laundry rooms — laundry paid for in a student account (no quarters!)
  • Weekly activities hosted by your RA — have ideas for activities or game nights? Let your RA know!
  • A whole staff of people ready to help you make the most of your college experience!

Halls A & C

First-year students

  • Near Whitney & Gordon
  • Suite-style living with 5 – 8 students
  • Single & double rooms
  • Lounges, vending machines & kitchenettes on each floor

Hall B

Second-year students

  • Near Whitney & Gordon
  • Apartment-style living
  • Single & double rooms
  • Kitchens in each apartment
  • Lounge on the 1st floor
  • Vending machines

Shapero Hall

First & Second year students

  • Next to Mulroy Hall
  • Traditional-style living
  • Single rooms
  • Shared bathrooms, kitchenettes, and lounges on each floor
  • Fitness Room

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Room & Meal Rates

2024-2025 Room Rates
 Cost per semesterCost per year
Single Room$3,965$7,930
Double Room$3,365$6,730
2024-2025 Meal Plan Rates
 Cost per semesterFlex Dollars
14 meals per week$1,790$175
16 meals per week$1,925$175
19 meals per week$2,050$175

A resident meal plan selection is required for students living on campus