Resources for Parents and Families

We know that sending your son or daughter off to college can be stressful. A lot of parents find themselves worrying about questions like "Will my daughter be safe living away from home?" or "What if something happens on campus and I can't contact my son? How will I know that he's ok?"

We understand, and are here to help. Here are some tips on how to partner with OCC's Campus Safety department:

- If you think your son or daughter may be in danger, if you notice something suspicious about their behavior, or if you simply have a question about safety at OCC, we'd want to hear from you. Don't ever hesitate to call our emergency line at 315-498-2311, or our non-emergency line at 315 498-2478.

1. Save our number in your phone

Don't wait until the last minute. Save our phone number, 315-498-2311, in your phone's contacts. 

2. Know your child's schedule

This includes what classes they're in, the classes' days and times, and any extracurricular clubs they're a member of. Knowing when your son or daughter is generally on campus is a great first step to understanding when to contact them, Campus Safety, or both, in the event of an emergency. 

3. When in doubt, call us

If you think your son or daughter might be in danger of any kind, if you notice suspicious behavior, or if you simply have a question about safety on OCC's campus, don't hesitate to give us a call. We want to be a resource for you and your family.