Travel & Re-entry

Before traveling outside of the United States check your I-20! Make sure there is a valid travel signature on page 2. The signature must be less than 1 year old on the date you plan to re-enter the United States. Schedule an appointment International Student Services if you need a new travel signature. 

Departing and re-entering the U.S.

You must carry your immigration documents with you when traveling outside of the United States. 

  • Passport (valid at least 6 months into the future)
  • Valid F-1 visa (except Canadian citizens)
  • Valid Form I-20 with valid travel signature on page 2
  • Students on OPT need a valid travel signature no more than 6 months old. Your EAD card and proof of employment should also be carried.
  • F-2 spouses and minor children who are not accompanied by the F-1 student must also carry their valid passport, valid F-2 visa, and valid Form I-20 when traveling. 

You will need to present these documents to Customs & Border Protection officers every time you re-enter the United States as a student. Without these documents, you could be denied re-entry to the U.S. or given Form 515A. Contact International Student Services immediately if you have forgotten your Form I-20 while traveling, or if you receive a Form 515A upon re-entry.

Please schedule an appointment with International Student Services if you have any travel related issues.

Traveling within the U.S.

In general, keep your immigration documents in a safe place in your room or home. You do not need to carry your documents around OCC or the Syracuse area. This will help prevent theft or loss. We do recommend bringing your immigration documents when traveling within the United States (outside of Syracuse).