Tuition & Fees

OCC is one of the most affordable ways to start a bachelor's degree or a new career — especially when compared to attending other private and public colleges in Upstate New York.

Please Note:   Tuition and Fees are subject to change without prior notice. 


Resident Tuition & Fees

Onondaga County Resident or Non-Resident with Certificate of Residence
  Full-Time Part-Time
Tuition $2,645/semester $220/credit hour
Student Activity Fee2 $55/semester $30/semester
Technology Fee2 $18/credit hour $18/credit hour 
Recreation & Wellness Fee2 $105/semester
Books & Supplies3 (see notes) (varies)
Additional Fees (see below) (see below)
Total (based on 12 credits) $3,021/semester — $6,042/year  

Non-Resident Tuition & Fees

Non-Resident without Certificate of Residence or Out-of-State Resident
  Full-Time Part-Time
Tuition $5,290/semester $440/credit hour
Student Activity Fee2 $55/semester
Technology Fee2 $18/credit hour $18/credit hour 
Recreation & Wellness Fee2 $105/semester
Books & Supplies3 (see notes) (varies)
Additional Fees (see below) (see below)
Total $5,666/semester — $11,332/year  


  1. Full-time and Part-time — A full-time student is one enrolled in 12 or more credit hours. A part-time student is one enrolled for less than 12 equivalent credit hours. 
  2. Fee is mandatory for all full and part time students.
  3. Students will be billed $21.00 per registered credit "Box of Books" charge. All required textbooks/access codes will be made available to students prior to the first day of classes. Detailed information on the Box of Books program is available on the Box of Books Website. Budget amount also includes an average cost for materials and supplies.

Seniors Audit Free

Onondaga Community College welcomes learners, age 60 and older.  If space allows, this non-credit option allows you to attend courses at no tuition.  Applicable course fees are payable at the time of registration and you can only audit the same course one time for no tuition charge.


Additional Fees

Curriculum, Course & Lab Related Fees

Except where noted, per semester amounts are listed.

Fees specific to auditing a class
Fee Description Fee Amount
  (same as tuition fee)
Fees specific to Health curricula
Fee Description Fee Amount
Malpractice Insurance per semester $10
Health Program Fee for Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant $500
Nursing Program ATI Comprehensive Program Fee (NUR 260) $750
Nursing Program ATI Pharmacy Fee (NUR 220) $350


Upstate Paramedic Program Fees Fee Amount
EMS 110L $345
EMS 130L $335
EMS 210 $285


Surgical Technology Fee Amount
Health Program Fee (SGT101, SGT111, SGT115) $500
Surgical Technology NYS Background Check (SGT 101) $49
Surgical Technology Accreditation (SGT111) $247


Fees specific to International Students
Fee Description Fee Amount
International Partnership Fee
One-time fee for all incoming international students on an F-1 or J-1 study visa
International Student Health Insurance (subject to change upon renewal)

Fall: $1,073.63
Spring/Summer: $1,494.65

Fees specific to Music curricula
Fee Description Fee Amount
Applied Music Fee / Private Lessons $300
Fees specific to Art & Photography Students
Fee Description Fee Amount
Photography Fee $150 Full-Time
$75 Part-Time
Art Fee $150 Full-Time
$75 Part-Time
Fees specific to Automotive Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Electrical Technology, Interior Design Technology, Mechanical Technology, Architectural Technology, and Electronic Media Communication
Fee Description Fee Amount
Specialized Program Fee $100 Full-Time
$50 Part-Time
Fees specific to individual courses
Fee Description Fee Amount
General Lab Fee
(applies to all courses conducted as labs)


Ceramics Course Fee (for non-Art students) $75
Cisco Lab Fee $52/course
CPR Certification Fee $35
Firefighter Level 1 $100
Firefighter Level 2 $100
Physical Education $38/course
Emergency Vehicle Operations Course $424
Public Safety Training Center $25
Other Fees
Fee Description Amount
Administrative Processing fee1 $40
Payment Plan Processing Fee $33
Test Proctoring Fee (per exam) $30
Late Fee (Balance under $100) $13
Late Fee (Balance $100 - $500) $28
Late Fee (Balance over $500) $43
Parking Violation $28
Disabled Parking fine $53
Returned (by bank) Check fee $33
Transcript fee $10
New Student Programming fee1 $34
AOD Fee for Noncompliance - 1st instance $25
AOD Fee for Noncompliance - Multiple instances $50
Lazer Card Replacement $15
Box of Books Fee (optional) $21 per credit hour
Life Experience Practicum $33/credit hour
Life Experience Evaluation $19/credit hour


  1. One-time only fee, charged to all first-time students