Health Studies Certificate

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Explore the potential of the health care field

Learn about the careers in health care, gain necessary health technology literacy, and start the path to earning your credentials.

What You'll Learn

Being able to discuss and analyze the latest trends in the healthcare industry is critical to your success as a healthcare professional.

You'll learn how to track these, develop your medical vocabulary for documentation, and learn the necessary computer skills needed for medical information work. 

We'll help you develop the critical thinking you'll need for working with health care information. We'll also teach you how to communicate in the different formats used in health care delivery.


Where You'll Go

Immediately start your career as a health unit coordinator, medical receptionist, or a medical scribe or transfer your credits into a two-year program at OCC.

If you dream of being a nurse or a physical therapist assistant but need to work on your fundamental skills, this certificate will polish those up and get you ready for the next step.