Paramedic Certificate

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You'll deliver emergency care to those who need it most with a certificate created by OCC and SUNY Upstate.

What You'll Learn

Hands-on learning will be a feature of your education. Work in simulation labs and complete an internship for credit. SUNY Upstate has relationships with Adult and Pediatric Level-I Trauma Center, Comprehensive Stroke Center, NYS Poison Control Center, and more.


Critical thinking in emergency situations is key, as well as knowing critical math and science principles in relation to care. You'll get work on these foundations at OCC.

Where You'll Go

You'll be able to work for top medical centers, hospitals and ambulance services. 

With your hands-on experience, you'll be a diverse, experienced candidate. 


Graduates staying in NYS: 87.5%

Median salary after 3 years: $62,864

[ source: SUNY gradwages ]