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7 Weeks | Mon & Wed, 6:15 - 9:15 p.m. | Median Salary: $33,110

Next Program Start Date: April 10,2023

Registration details: March 27, 9:00am, Gordon Student Center

If you've ever donated blood, you know the value of a trained phlebotomist. Phlebotomists' primary responsibility is to safely draw blood, for the purpose of blood work, transfusions, or research.

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Students in Onondaga Community College's health programs must be vaccinated against COVID for enrollment in each program's required clinical rotations.
  • To Register: 
    • Full payment of $1,300 (no refunds issued 14 days before class start date) 
    • Must be at least 18 years of age 
  • During Class:
    • Health compliance (you will receive a Health Packet at Registration)
    • Must maintain medical insurance while enrolled 
  • To Be Hired: 
    • Must be 18 years or older
    • Must have completed High School or equivalent 
    • Drug Testing and Background Checks



How to Sign-Up 

Registration details TBD


Q: Can I register for this course if I have a past due balance or a block on my OCC account?

A: No.  You will not be allowed to register if you have a past due balance or block on your account at OCC.


Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: There are no additional fees.  All textbooks, scrubs, and supplies are included in your tuition. 


Q: Do I need to submit immunizations or any other health information?

A: Yes. You are required to submit health compliance paperwork to OCC before you go to your clinical.  It is typically due by the middle of the class.  OCC’s Health Compliance Officer will give you a health packet and explain the process on the first night of class.


Q: When and where can I complete my clinical experience?

A: OCC maintains agreements with a select list of approved clinical sites in Onondaga, Oswego, and Cortland counties. Clinical placements are assigned by the Placement Coordinator at OCC. Clinicals take place after the course is completed Monday through Friday during daytime hours. Clinical placements are not available on the weekends or in the evenings. 


Q: How much class time can I miss?

Students are only allowed to miss one class.


Q: Do I get a refund if I drop the class?

There are no refunds issued 14 days before the start date.


Q: Can I just register for the clinical experience?

A: No.  You must register for and take the course to be assigned to a clinical experience.


Q: What type of certification will I be eligible for upon completion of the course?

A: Upon successful completion of the course and clinical experience, you will receive a completion certificate from OCC. The completion certificate will allow you to obtain local employment. Although not required to obtain local employment, you will be eligible to sit for certification through National Health Career Association.


Q: What if my place of employment is going to pay for me?

A: You must bring a signed letter from your place of employment or outside agency with you to the open registration. It must include your name, name of the course, how much they are paying, a contact name, contact address, and contact phone number. If your employer is paying a partial amount, you must pay the balance at the time of registration.


Q: Do I have to pay at the time of registration?

A: Yes, full payment is due at the time of registration. For a list of acceptable payment types, contact Student Central at 315-498-2000. 

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Typical Salary

5 years after graduating


Popular careers, growth potential, and regional demand for the past 12 months.
Career 10-year growth potential Regional Demand
Phlebotomist 30% Average

Real Data from Central New York

  • Data reflect previous twelve-month period in the Syracuse Metropolitan Area and surrounding five-county Central New York region.
  • Salary gathered from Burning Glass. 
  • Demand is determined by the number of job postings in the region over the past twelve months. 
  • Occupational growth potential gathered from Burning Glass.   

Transfer Paths

4-year School Bachelor's Degree
Le Moyne College Psychology, B.A.
Le Moyne College English, B.A.
SUNY Oswego Psychology, B.A.
Lincoln University
Johnson C. Smith University