Accessing the College Networks

Accessing the College Wired and Wireless Network

Access to the OCC network is strictly controlled by the use of a user name and password to protect your privacy and comply with federal law.  Do not share this information with anyone.

Your user name and initial password is automatically created when you are accepted as a student. Returning students keep their same user name and password as last semester.

User Name

  • Your user name is made up of the first initial of your first name followed by a period + your middle initial (if you provided one to us in the past) followed by a period + your full last name.
    • Example: John E. Smith = j.e.smith (lower case)
  • If your user name is not unique based on this rule, a random number will be added to the end of your last name (for example, j.e.smith398). 

Don't know your user name? You can use any browser on or off campus to find out what your user name using the Forgot Username link, or by contacting the Helpdesk at 315-498-2999


In addition to your user name, you must enter a secret password when you log on.  Your password will be the same to log in to MyOCC, the college network, and other web applications.

  • First Time Password
    • The very first time you log on your password will be your identification number (ID).  The system will require you to change this password the first time you log on.
  • Creating a New Password
    • Passwords must be 8 characters and must contain one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and one number.  Your password must not include any part of your name.

Logging on for the First Time

Please log into MyOCC and set your security question, then you'll be able to reset our own password.