Student Computing Info

Accessing the OCC Wifi Network

  1. Go to Settings and Wireless on your mobile device or laptop:
  2. Select: OCC-Public
  3. See: Welcome to OCC Network Page (if you don't see this open a web browser)
  4. Select: click here to connect to the network
  5. Enter: your OCC username
  6. Enter: your OCC password
  7. Click Login
  8. Agree to the Acceptable Use Policy
  9. Click Complete Registration

Computing Security Tips

  •  Create a strong password, and don’t share it
  •  Be wary of phishing and e-mail scams, students are common targets.
  •  Contact the Helpdesk if you ever doubt e-mails that appear to be sent by OCC.
  •  Be careful using public wireless, on and off  campus, when accessing online services.
  •  Avoid posting too much or specific information about yourself on social media.
  •  Keep your computers and mobile devices upgraded to the latest versions.

Be safe, not sorry!

Responsible Computing Guidelines

The OCC network is intended for all your computing and Internet needs. It is a privilege and a responsibility. Please keep in mind the following:

  •  OCC students are accountable to the Acceptable & Responsible Computing Policy. Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with it.
  •  Keep your computer up-to-date with virus and anti-malware protection. Windows users should ensure they have the most current  version. An infected computer or mobile device may need to be prohibited from the network if it is a threat to others.
  •  Never communicate online what you would not say to others in person. Use social media and communication tools wisely.
  •  Understand copyright laws and never take  material from other sources without appropriate citations. Talk to library professionals and faculty for more information.
  •  You leave ‘tracks’ wherever you go on the Internet…your logins, your browsing, e-mail,  social media, etc. Be smart!! If you engage in inappropriate or harassing behavior, your activities can be investigated. 

Student Technology Information

  •  Initial login to the OCC network
  •  Office 365 Account
            (e-mail, OneDrive, Word, etc.)
  •  Chromebooks
  •  Computers on Campus
  •  IT Services Helpdesk
  • D2L-Brightspace
  •  Accessing the OCC-Public Network
  •  Computing Security Tips
  •  Responsible Computing Guideline

Initial Login

  •  Use your OCC username and password to connect to all online college resources.

OCC Username is: first initial.middle initial.last name (No capitals or spaces)

Examples: a.a.student


  •  Initial Login, Your initial password is your 7 Digit OCC
    Student ID#  i.e 0654321
  •  After logging in for the first time you will be prompted to change your password. 
  •  If you are unsure of your username or forgot
    your password go to

Click on Forgot  Password. Follow the prompts to reset your password.

Click on CAS Login Help. Follow the steps under What's My User Name? to retrieve your username.