Granting Access to Your Records

As a student at Onondaga Community College, you have the right to restrict who has access to your academic records. This includes your grades, courses, financial aid, billing and more. You also have the right to share any or all of your information with anyone you choose. You are able to grant this access in Student Self-Service.   

1. First, log into your Self-Service account

2. Once logged in, you should see your username in the top right hand corner

3. Click on your username and select “View/Add Proxy Access”

4. On the “View/Add Proxy” screen, scroll down to the bottom and choose “Add Another User” under “Select a Proxy”.

5. Once you’ve selected “Add Another User”, you will be prompted to provide information about that individual.

Please note: Once the individual’s information is added, it cannot be edited in Student Self-Service. Check for accuracy before submitting the requested information.

6. After providing the requested information, you will then be asked to indicate what types of information you would like to give this person access to.

7. You have two options for granting proxy access:

  1. “Allow Complete Access”
  2. “Allow Select Access”

PLEASE NOTE: By choosing the “Allow Complete Access” option, you are granting permission for your proxy to view all of the information that is provided in Student Self-Service IN ADDITION TO all other forms of records, excluding records maintained by the Office of Student Conduct and the Office of Accessibility Resources. 

8. If you would like to grant complete access, simply check the button for “Allow Complete Access”.

9. If you would like to only grant select access, check the button for “Allow Select Access”. This will give you the option to check which items you would like to give access to and which ones you would like to restrict. A darkened box indicates an item that your proxy will have access to.

10. Once you’ve chosen the level of access you would like to provide, read the disclosure agreement and check the box indicating that you authorize OCC to disclose the selected information. After you’ve checked the box, simply click the “Submit” button.

11. You will be asked to re-enter your password to continue.

12. Re-enter your password and click “Submit”.

13. If the system is unable to find a match to the person you provided information for, you will receive a notification like the one below:

14. Click “Continue” to proceed.

15. You will then be taken back to the “View/Add Proxy Access” screen where your new proxy information can be found under “Active Proxies”.

16. Follow the same process to add any additional proxies.

17. Once a proxy has been added, you can also edit that individual’s access by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the “Effective Date”.

18. Choose how you would like to edit the individual’s access and click “Save”.