OneDrive Guide

Guide to OneDrive

Student file storage is on OneDrive as part of your Microsoft Office 365 email package.  To access your files follow the OneDrive instructions from Microsoft or the instructions printed below.

Sign in to OneDrive

  1. Go to
  2. Select Sign in at the top of the page.
  3. Type your OCC account email address.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Type your OCC account password.
  6. Select Sign in.

Upload files to OneDrive

Upload your files to OneDrive, so you can update and share them from anywhere.

With Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome:

  1. Select Upload > Files.
  2. Select the file or files you want to upload.
  3. Select Open.

With other browsers, select Upload, select the files you want to upload, and select Open

Upload a folder

With Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome:

  1. Select Upload > Folder.
  2. Select the folder you want to upload.
  3. Select Select Folder.

If you don't see Upload > Folder with your browser, create a folder, and then upload the files to that folder.

Create a folder

  1. Select New > Folder.
  2. Type a name for the folder.
  3. Select Create.

Save a file to OneDrive

  1. Select File > Save As > OneDrive - Personal.
  2. Select Enter file name here and type a name.
  3. If you want to save to another folder, select Browse, and select the folder you want.
  4. Select Save.

Tip: The next time you open the Office app, you'll see your saved file in the Recent list.


If you don't see OneDrive -Personal in the list:

  1. Select Add a Place
  2. Select OneDrive and sign into your OCC account.

Share files or folders

  1. Select the files or folder you'd like to share.
  2. Select Share.
  3. Select Anyone with this link can edit this item and set the permissions:
  4. Select how you'd like to share.

Add a shared folder to your OneDrive

  1. Select Shared in the left navigation pane.
  2. Select the folder you want to add and select Add to my OneDrive.

Or right-click the folder and select Add to my OneDrive.

Note: You can only add folders marked Can edit.

To copy the folder to your computer instead of OneDrive, select Download. However, be aware that downloaded files are not synchronized with OneDrive.

Stop or change sharing

If you are the file owner, or have edit permissions, you can stop or change the sharing permissions.

  1. Select the file or folder you want to stop sharing.
  2. Select Information in the upper-right corner to open the Details pane.
  3. Select Sharing. 

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