What you need to know 

Cost and debt is a major concern for most students, especially if they're already burdened by other expenses like housing, food, or child care. We can help.

We pride ourselves on offering a quality education at an affordable price. Plus, OCC gives out thousands of dollars to students based on a variety of things like their income, GPA, or personal background each year. Our Financial Aid department is always happy to share resources on different ways to pay for college, like grants and scholarships - which don't have to be paid back, or student loans - which do need to be paid back, and speciality programs like SUNY Smart Track, that can help you plan a financial road map for your time in school so you can graduate debt-free. 

What is Financial Aid, and how can it help?

Financial Aid can help pay for books and supplies, child care, room and board, transportation to and from school, and expenses related to a student’s disability.

College can be expensive, but in most cases, financial aid is available to help pay for a large portion of your bill.  Almost every student will qualify for some form of financial aid, whether from the federal or state government, or through state and local scholarships.  The only way to get some of this money to help pay for your college education is to first apply for financial aid.  It's completely free to apply, so don't wait! 

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid through government programs

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Questions? Contact Student Central at (315) 498-2000 or occinfo@sunyocc.edu